Vermont: Universal Background Checks 2017

The Attack of Universal Background Checks

Vermont anti-gun legislators introduced S.6 and H.151 for Universal Background Checks.
New Hampshire anti-gun legislators introduced HB201 for Background Checks and it was SOUNDLY DEFEATED!

When the anti-gun groups say these gun bills are common sense or grassroots, rest assured they are NEITHER.

Here is the Link to the 2017 Gun Owners of Vermont Universal Backround Check Report.  Read it and SHARE!

Michael Bloomberg has his minions in EVERY state in the nation pushing different flavors of this legislation!

Michael Bloomberg attacked Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in 2015 and 2016, and he LOST!

Now, he is back in Vermont and New Hampshire (defeated).

On Tuesday January 10,  Gun Sense had their anti-gun rally to push their UBC bill in Montpelier.

They know that this legislation will ONLY effect law-abiding citizens, and they stated that even if they achieve UBCs, THEY WILL NOT GO AWAY!

Ann Braden despises gun owners so much she will stop at nothing to prevent YOU from owning firearms.

She knows she can’t stop criminals from getting guns so YOU will have to do.

Remember, Ann Braden is PAID to attack your rights.
She gave up a short stint as a teacher to push lucrative gun control in the Safest State in the Nation.
It is her JOB.
It is her bread and butter.
And Michael Bloomberg has unlimited money to dole into her bank account as an allowance.

Remember, Gun Sense is HIRING PROFESSIONALS to build her organization!
(See how she lies and calls the position “grassroots?”)
She is counting on “grant money” (how she classifies out-of-state money) because there is no true grassroots support for gun control in VT.

Well, Gun Nonsense, the public knows what you really are, and who you really represent.
We are ready to counter your lies.

Just to be clear, we are not the “bullies,” YOU are.

Bob DePino
Vice President
Gun Owners of Vermont