Vermont Crime

What started out as a detailed debunking of GunSenseVT’s monthly ‘Vermont Gun Incidents’ pages in 2013 and 2014, we decided to keep track of everything related to firearms in the state of Vermont.

You will see that most of the incidents are minor, while the serious crimes are caused by out-of-state gang members, drug dealers, felons and other “prohibited persons” and almost always with stolen firearms.

Since Bloomberg and his funded heavily-funded and connected, minions moved into Vermont in 2013, what used to be a quiet and safe state has become increasingly violent.

The anti-gun legislators pass gun control laws against the citizens, but do nothing to stop or punish actual violent criminal behavior. Social Justice Judges repeatedly release GANG MEMBERS and DRUG DEALERS onto Vermont streets before trial, even ones that are accused of carrying out gunfights on our streets!

Vermont anti-gun politicians hate YOU.

Never forget that.

Partial Listing of Vermont Gun Crimes