Sanctuary Towns

We’ve all heard about the fantastic news of sanctuary counties and towns being organized all throughout the state of Virginia, and GoVT is proud to lead the way here in Vermont. We’re working to get towns organized as a way to let those in Montpelier know we’re not going to stay silent as they keep infringing on our rights!

We have language for a resolution, as a petition format so you can gather signatures from your fellow towns-people to present to your select board. We have a “sale’s pitch” you can use to explain this to them and hopefully sway them to see our side of things and adopt the resolution.

The anti-gunners in Montpelier, elected officials and lobbyists alike, all need to be told their ideas and laws infringing on our natural rights aren’t going to be tolerated. To that end, this November we need to clean them out of there. The sanctuary town movement is designed to rally gun owners and freedom lovers to the action of this cause, in defense of Freedom and Unity.

Sanctuary resolution with sig lines.

Sales pitch.

Sanctuary FAQs