The Real Focus of New Gun Control Bill (H.230) (LGBTQ+ community)

NOTE: Within 8 hours of publication, this section and others were struck by legal council before the start of the morning’s Senate Judiciary hearing!


For years we have said the gun-grabbers have a single end goal in mind, the complete disarmament of the citizens of America. You laughed. We said the gun-grabbers are incrementalists. You laughed. Anti-gun legislators in Vermont have introduced almost EIGHTY (80) bills that restricted the constitutional right to bear arms a piece at a time in the last decade. Nobody is laughing.

Every so often, the gun-grabbers actually name a specific group of people as those that need to be disarmed next. With H.230 the newest group of people so dangerous they need to be disarmed for the good of themselves and others has been officially named on page 10; “members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

The LGBTQ+ community is one of the fastest-growing groups of gun owners in the nation! As gun owners, we welcome these new members to our family. Seeing their name in a bill that promotes the forceful disarmament of gun-owning citizens is alarming. Our anti-gun legislators now perceive them as a threat to personal and public safety!

This is incrementalism and distraction in action. Introduce a bill with a broad general spectrum, ie. “suicide,” add other new gun control like “safe storage” and Extreme Risk Protection Orders (where the government sends armed men to a household to forcibly confiscate a citizen’s firearms without trial or representation), then use the different sections as distraction from the naming of the latest group of gun owners.

As justification, the House legislature used firearm homicides in other states, straw purchasing, and firearm trafficking to neighboring states to prove the need for a suicide bill. Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

An anti-suicide bill would discuss the need for early identification, counseling, therapies and medications, medical training, hotlines, and a litany of other subjects that could get to the root cause of suicide. But no, THOSE bills never made it out of committee!

You see, it’s NOT about suicide. It’s about gun control.

With the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen decision fresh in their minds, the gun control activists in Montpelier are desperately trying to pass any form of gun control in Vermont before all the existing unconstitutional laws are struck down one at a time.

In 2018, S.55 was introduced as an anti-DRUG bill, which the Senate and House struck the entire bill and wrote fourteen pages from the national special interest groups’ wish list of gun control!

H.230 started as a short blurb, a “short form” bill with no substance. It then blossomed into a full NINE PAGES, then after much discussion further expanded into TWELVE PAGES of anti-gun legislation.

When gun owners across the country say the gun-grabbers are “coming for your guns,” H.230 is absolute proof that gun control isn’t about safety, it isn’t about suicide, it isn’t about crime, it isn’t about children. It is about destroying the single constitutional right that protects all others from a tyrannical state government.

Welcome to Vermont, proof positive that the gun grabbers will lie to your face about what they are doing and then come back for more. And more. And more. Until there is nothing left to take.

The Vermont State motto is “Freedom and Unity.” Seems to many people the motto is in need of changing.

“Unity without Freedom,” should be the hallmark of the new one-party state. Joseph Stalin would be proud.

Please contact your Senator(s) and tell them, “H.230 should not pass the Senate. Vote NO on H.230.”

Bob DePino
Vice President,
Gun Owners of Vermont