2023-2024: Its Time to Fight for your Rights in COURT!

General Patton says: Fight Those Commie Bastards in Court!

Remember that cold day when “reasonable” restrictions on your Constitutional Rights were signed into law in 2018?
Remember when they were AGAIN infringed upon in 2023?

When will it stop?

Here… and Now.

The Vermont Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs is again bringing suit to restore our Constitutional Rights that were infringed upon by Vermont’s anti-rights politicians driven by Michael Bloomberg’s war machine of out-of-state organizations, lawyers, money and media control.
Gun Owners of Vermont will again work with the Federation and donate to the fight to remove the 72-hour Waiting Period and the “High Capacity” Magazine Ban laws!

It’s time to tell Vermont’s politicians, they may be for sale, but our rights are not!

Join the fight! Donate Now! Donate Later! Donate Again!

Donate Online Here:
Fight the Mag Ban & Waiting Period in Court!

Donate by Check:
1. Make checks payable to “Gun Owners of Vermont” or “GoVT”
2. Add a note at the bottom “lawsuit”
3. Mail to:

Gun Owners of Vermont, Inc.
P.O. Box 45
Saxtons River, VT 05154