The Next Assault on Vermonter’s Article 16th Rights

Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 11:19 PM,

The Next Assault on Vermonter’s Article 16th Rights

In August, ALL of the Anti-Gun candidates for office of Governor and Lt Governor will be publicly rallying on the State House lawn to violate your constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

Michael Bloomberg funded and controlled Gun Sense Vermont from 2013 to 2015.

He even brought in his own lobbying group “Everytown” to push Universal Background Checks.

Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” may have pulled up stakes in VT after getting his @ss kicked, but he is now funding a NEW group in Vermont…

Gabby Gifford’s “American’s for Responsible Solutions” (AFRS).

THEY have partnered with the RABIDLY anti-gun Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence!

As you can see from the attached slides, Gabby’s new group is DIRECTLY LINKED to Michael Bloomberg (taking the place of Gun Sense VT maybe?).

AFRS is going after Oregon in a huge way after buying the legislature to pass UBCs…

They got their coveted UBCs, and now they are going after MORE!

Once the door is opened, it can never be shut, and they will NEVER stop!

In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Gun Owners of Vermont defended Vermonters from the never-ending attacks by Bloomberg, Gun Sense and the media.

We will continue the fight, but there are several things YOU can do to protect your rights:

1. KEEP WATCHING social media for news articles on the latest developments in Vermont and other anti-gun hotspots (OR, CA, NY, HI, etc.). See what they are doing there, they WILL try it here!

2. JOIN the Gun Owners of Vermont (if you haven’t already):
GoVT Membership Information

3. ATTEND a local GoVT meeting to find out what is going on in Vermont and Nationally (we get tips from around the country).
Gun Owners of Vermont Meeting Dates and Locations

4. RESEARCH the information collected on our Research Analysis Pages:
GoVT Research Analysis Pages

5. INFORM a friend or relative as to how IMPORTANT it is to pay attention now more than ever! Share our links, posts and commentary. Invite them to our meetings.

6. GET INVOLVED, get on the GoVT mailing list, so when an anti-gun, or anti-hunting bill comes up, we can respond with letters, emails, phone calls, and if needed, showing up in person at Committee Hearings!

7. COMMUNICATE with us and friends. If you hear something let us know! You may have been the first to find out!

Please see the files below to get an idea of how organized and HEAVILY FUNDED they are.

Remember, there is no such thing as a “grassroots” anti-gun organization!

Yours in Liberty,

Bob DePino
Vice President / Field Coordinator
Gun Owners of Vermont



    The links below prove this statement

1. Gabby Gifford & Mark Kelly’s new anti-gun organization’s DIRECT TIES to Michael Bloomberg:
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2. National Coalition Recruiting members for Vermont’s Coalition for Common Sense:
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3. Gabby Gifford AFRS Coalition attacks multiple states, Vermont is NEXT!
Gabby Gifford AFRS Coalition for Common Sense

4. Gabby Gifford’s Americans For Responsible Solutions teams up with the most radical anti-gun groups in the nation! The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCTPGV)

5. National gun control groups will NOT stop at Universal Background Checks:
Gabby Giffords UBC NOT ENOUGH