The NEW Sue Minter attack ad on gun rights in VT

Here is the NEW Sue Minter ad that is going to be used to attack law-abiding Vermonters!

Sue Minter is the new Linda Waite-Simpson!

(November Election Update: Sue MinterĀ LOST, just like Linda Waite-Simpson.)

Make her feel it at the voting booth!

There were FOUR domestic violence deaths by firearm in 2013 and 2014.

THREE QUARTERS of the 2014 domestic violence homicides by firearm were WOMEN killing men…

They already HAD firearms, they didn’t need a background check.
But, you won’t hear that on the news or in Minter’s ad…

Even with the DECREASE in total homicides AND domestic violence homicides, the ACTUAL NUMBER of domestic violence homicides by firearm was 4. FOUR.
The SAME amount as the previous year.
4 out of a population of 626,000 is 0.00064% (1 per 156,500).

We remain below ONE HALF of the domestic violence level of 2008!
This is NOT an epidemic!

The only epidemic in Vermont is the number of lies the anti-gunners tell to the public!

This IS political grandstanding on an unprecidented, supermajority scale.

Vermont is under attack, not by guns, but by politicians with pens and a phone.

Vote to keep these anti-rights candidates OUT OF OFFICE.

If they can take your guns, what else can they take?

Bob DePino
Vice President,
Gun Owners of Vermont