Freedom Is Not Free

Freedom is never secured for all time.  We must be ever vigilant in defense of our liberty.  Unfortunately, the further we get in time away from when this Republic was forged and our rights were secured, those who possess these rights grow less familiar with the cost of securing their liberty. Those who have rights they did secure themselves, too often they hold them to be too cheap.  
That is why a form of government with citizen rights and freedom are severely challenged to last more than two hundred years. We inherited what was the state of freedom at the time we were born and during our lives we have a duty to protect what was passed along to us and increase freedom as much as is possible to pass along to future generations.  This is our duty as free citizens.
There are many who say that our Republic is an outdated and a failed form of government.  Then are many who say that the American Experiment in a Republic form of government by which a free people govern themselves has just begun to hit its stride and is a success unparalleled in history.  On which side do of this debate do you stand?  You will decide the fate of freedom in this nation. 
Freedom is never free.  The cost of freedom is directly proportional to its value.   If a specific right is worth little, the cost of securing is light.  If a freedom is critical, the cost of its defense will be dear.  That we have rights and freedoms that some are willing to spend so much to take them sets their value.  Be grateful you rights so valuable others would take them.  Protect them at all costs.