The Agenda of Gun Sense Vermont


This video shows Mike Mrowicki, democrat representative from Putney, Vermont. Mike joined Gun Sense Vermont at their gathering this summer in Brattleboro ostensibly in memory of the Newtown, Conn. tragedy. Mike’s words represent Gun Sense Vermont using emotion and children to pull on heartstrings and bamboozle the public into believing that Vermont needs stronger gun laws. (We are consistently ranked the 1st or 2nd safest state in the nation by the Department of Justice every year.) Mike even admits that laws do not necessarily make communities safer.

Gun Sense Vermont wants to lead the nation for stricter gun laws, however, they have failed to do their homework. Anyone who looks at places with tough gun control laws will find high violent crime areas.  Watch this video to gain a clear picture of the agenda of Gun Sense Vermont. They believe our constitutionally protected freedoms are not needed in the 21st century “new age”. This is not about making Vermont safer, it is about crippling our 2nd Amendment by taking guns away from law abiding citizens. They are doing this in the name of safety, using children and ideology as props to further their agenda.

The history of nations doomed to perpetual slavery, in consequence of yielding up to tyrants their natural born liberties, I read with a sort of philosophical horror.” -Ethan Allen