All Vermont Gun & Outdoor Sporting Rights Are Under Serious Threat

The Burlington City Council is still moving forward with efforts to restrict gun ownership and possession on the local level.

This matters to EVERY hunter and shooter anywhere in Vermont, and here’s why:

For Burlington to enact local gun regulations, they will need to get the Legislature to gut the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill Of Rights, which has been been the law since 1988, and that prevents local governments around the State from enacting a crazy patchwork of conflicting and burdensome restrictions
or bans on ownership and possession of guns. This law, also protects ammunition, shooting, ranges, reloading, hunting, fishing and trapping

If Burlington succeeds in having the Legislature gut the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights, you can be darn sure that it will not be the last local government to move forward to discriminate against and burden law abiding gun owners.

And you can be even more sure that whatever types of guns Burlington and other local governments try to restrict now WILL expand to become ever more onerous and biased in the future once they’ve blown a hole in our best protection for gun owners and outdoors people.

If there ever was a time to rally and turn out to defend your Second Amendment rights, and the Vermont Sportsmen’ Bill of Rights, this is it.

The Hearing on Burlington’s proposed bans is Monday October 21 at 6:00 PM at Burlington City Hall. (Intersection of Church & Main Streets)

Show up as if YOUR ability to continue to own the guns of your choice, anywhere in Vermont, depends on it, because it DOES.

Hunter Orange is very visible to the public and identifies our crowd in media photos. Our folks do their best being polite and well spoken.