Informational Forum on Upcoming Gun Legislation in Vermont to be held on October 8

For Information: Dolores Luebke, Organizer
West Pawlet, Vermont

“Gun Legislation” was one of the discussions, along with how to fund healthcare, which was put off by the Vermont legislature until 2015. Presently, Vermont is one of the safest states in the union and citizens have guaranteed “gun rights” under the Vermont constitution.

What is the proposed “gun” legislation? A part of the preliminary discussion is universal registration of all firearms. This action would require background checks for all gun transfers. Universal mandated checks are not universal because criminals will not participate and do not follow laws. In compliance with federal laws, there are already restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms. Vermont’s gun laws work for our state, which is why we have one of the very lowest crime rates and best safety records in the country. Freedom has always served responsible and law-abiding citizens well.
Vermont has long been known for the sensible stewardship of its wildlife. Resident and out of state hunters enjoy hunting game while the state manages its wildlife population and benefits monetarily from the purchase of hunting licenses. Will all this change under new legislation?

Is the legislature considering changes in the legality of types of firearms or ammunition or magazine capacity? Will there be a set charge per firearm for registration? Will the registry be made available to the public? Will the database be competently designed and programmed or will registered gun owners have their privacy breached?

Why would the legislature feel compelled to change Vermont gun laws? Is there a problem? If so, is it not the job of the legislature to find a solution that is legal under the Constitution of the State of Vermont? Why has a lobby group invested $39,000 to change Vermont law?

Vermonters, whether you are a hunter, target shooter, collector or simply own a firearm for self-defense, you need to be concerned.

On Wednesday, October 8, a panel of experts will be holding an informational forum on the proposed legislation. Senator Kevin Mullin, Chairman, Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing & General Affairs will act as moderator. The panel will consist of Evan Hughes, Vice President & Registered Lobbyist for Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Lars Jacob, Fine Gun Expert, Director, Covey & Nye Shooting School, Senator Peg Flory, Esquire, Chairman, Senate Committee on Institutions including oversight of VT Department of Corrections, Brian Kukon, Chief Master Firearms Instructor with an extensive background in Defensive Concealed Carry and Law for Use of Force, who is certified to teach instructors and general public nationwide, and Chief William Humphries of Fair Haven Police Department and High Bailiff of Rutland County, who also serves as a police officer in numerous rural communities and works with Lakes Region Police Cadets.

Be aware. Be informed. Be involved. Join the discussion starting at 6:30 pm on October 8. The forum will be held at the Pawlet Fire House located on Route 133 in the Village of Pawlet. For information, call (802) 770-2006.