Gun Statistics

This morning on the weekly broadcast of the WCAX TV Show “You Can Quote Me”
panelist Paul Heintz of Seven Days Magazine, worked his way into guns as a campaign
issue by putting forward as fact that Vermont is an important source of guns to other
states “south” of Vermont. The question was to guest Libertarian Candidate Dan Feliciano.

The antis have long inaccurately claimed VT is flooding Mass. with guns. The BATFE
conducts a gun trace back statistical tracking program. BATFE data for the three year
period of 2011, 2012 and 2013 shows that of the guns in Mass that were traced back:

Mass. Originated Originated
Traced in Mass. in Vermont
3,043 1,235 41

BATFE statistics show that of the 3,043 guns in Mass. that were traced back to their original
state of sale: 1,235 originated in Mass. and just 41 came from Vermont. Mass. is the largest
volume state of origin for the guns its own Mass. police traced.

WCAX reported on June 10 that Vermont is not a major gun source state.

The Boston Globe reported on April 24 that 46% of the handguns Mass. traced were from Mass.

Vermont is not a major gun source state for criminals. To claim it is defames the character of
our state. A state that depends upon its reputation of the character of our people and quality in
the selling of our products and the major tourism industry of our state.

When gun control advocates, politicians and media that promote the clearly inaccurate claim
that Vermont is flooding other states with gun, they are defaming our great state and the people
who call Vermont their home. Vermont and its citizens deserve better.