Mark Donka

Republican Candidate for US House

Mark has been a police officer in Vermont for over three decades.He is married with two daughters and two grandsons.Mark entered law enforcement because he had a calling to protect and serve others while making a difference in people’s lives.With our Constitution under attack and our economic future at risk Mark is running for Vermont’s US House seat because Peter Welch is not representing the working middle class with our future in mind.
In a letter from Peter Welch to Mark Donka discussing gun laws Mr. Welch states”Common sense changes should be a part of the solution, including restrictions on the sale of assault weapons,limits on high capacity magazines, and closing the gun show loop hole.” Does Peter Welch sound progun to you? No! If he had his way Vermont would adopt the Draconian laws currently instated in Connecticut and New York.
We the people of the great state of Vermont need to elect officials that will protect our good gun laws that need not be changed.
Mark is not another millionaire who doesn’t understand the struggles faced everyday by working Americans,he is one of the people.
If you would like to volunteer your time for Mark Donka and his campaign and help get a progun representative in Washington please call 802-299-9268 or email him at