2014 Primaries Report

This is the Gun Owners of Vermont report for the primaries on Aug 26, 2014.

Although the Gun Owners of Vermont is non-partisan, we feel that voting in the Republican primary is THE most important step to preserving Vermont’s firearms rights.

There are some elections considered critical:

Governor’s Race:

DAN FELICIANO is the most pro-gun person running for governor this cycle. He is looking for people to write his name in on the Republican primary ballot.

Dan will VETO any anti-gun legislation, including the “Burlington Charter changes,” that will surface in 2015.
The Gun Owners of Vermont considers this a critical vote because Governor Peter Shumlin has tirelessly worked to get H.735 (the most anti-gun legislation to ever pass in the history of Vermont) passed and proudly signed into law. He has finally proven his anti-gun beliefs, in contradiction to his many public statements.

U.S. Congress:

BOTH of these candidates are absolutely pro-gun, and we respect both of them.
We know each of these two candidates on a personal level, and have worked with both of them on a various occasions.
The incumbent Peter Welch is as anti-gun as they come. He voted FOR the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, AGAINST Concealed Carry Reciprocity, he supports an “Assault Weapons” ban, limiting magazine capacity, and is FOR universal background checks, i.e. gun owner registration.

Vermont Senate:

JOE BENNING (Caledonia), has repeatedly demonstrated his unwavering support for the rights of gun owners in Vermont. He single-handedly led the fight against H.735 in the Senate.

Vermont House:

PAUL DAME (Chittenden 8-2) is absolutely pro-gun. He has attended, and spoken, at both the 2013 and 2014 gun owner’s rallies in Montpelier, and is running AGAINST the rabidly anti-gun, Linda Waite-Simpson.

VALERIE LEGH HARRISS (Rutland-Bennington) is an active member of Gun Owners of Vermont and coordinated both highly successful Montpelier rallies. Val is an avid hunter, supports “Women on Target”, and is absolutely pro-gun.

KRISTIN H. SOHLSTROM (Washington 3) is a strong gun rights supporter who is very active in many pro-gun groups.

The following chart also includes other candidates who have been proven either pro, or anti-gun, and are listed as such with references.

H.735 was a primary determining factor in the ratings. Gun Owners of Vermont had sent EVERY state senator and representative complete analysis and documentation of this unconscionable and unconstitutional, gun control bill BEFORE the vote and were told it would count as an “anti-gun” vote.

The analysis can be found here: