Gun Sense Lie of the Day #4

GUN SENSE LIE #1: Let’s let Governor Shumlin know that those 12,000 petition signatures we delivered two weeks ago were actual Vermonters asking him to take action on this issue!

GUN OWNERS OF VERMONT TRUTH: an estimated 80-90% of those 12,000 signatures did NOT come from Vermonters.
The petition was advertised NATIONALLY and was signed from everywhere around the country.
We have monitored the Everytown website and have dozens of screen shots of page after page of people from NY, MA, CA, MO, TX, and everywhere else with an occasional Vermont address thrown in.
How many of those petitions were actually from Vermonters?
Some of those VT signatures are signed GunSense Lies and GoAwayBloomberg…
The only state identification was a ZIP code, no street address for verification.
They really should be verified.

Here are a few of them:


GUN SENSE FACT #2: In 2013 in Vermont, abuse victims seeking help made 24,000 calls to the state domestic violence crisis hotline — an increase of 138% over the previous two years.

GUN OWNERS OF VERMONT ANALYSIS: If there were that many calls in 2013, why is the legislative focus always on the gun?
There are NOT 24,000 incidents where firearms are involved.

The 2014 Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission reports shows “8,492 victims of domestic violence and 827 victims of sexual violence reached out to the Member Programs of the Network over the course of the year.”
That means each victim had to call almost 3 times to get help!

It appears the system is not working.
Why are so many women asking for help and not getting it?
What are we not being told?

What is the underlying problem, money, jobs, stress, illness, drugs or a combination?

The Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission reports show (COMBINED domestic violence & sexual violence calls):
2013: 24,389 calls
2012: NO DATA IN 2013 REPORT
2011: 10,250 calls
2010: 4000 calls (what happened?)
2009: 10,676 calls
2008: 15,974 calls
2007: 15,259 calls
2006: 17,172 calls

More concerning should be the sharp decrease in calls since 2010 and the ramp up in the last 3 years back to 2006 levels.

Gun Owners of Vermont: Armed with the FACTS, and not afraid to use them!