Gun Sense Lie of the Day #3

GUN SENSE LIE 1: In 2013, more than 1,000 Vermonters needed a Final Relief from Abuse Order to protect them from a violent partner, ex, or family member.

They are pieces of paper that provide penalties, after-the-fact, for persons accused of domestic violence.
In 2013 there were ZERO relief from abuse orders in effect for the cases of domestic violence homicides by firearm.
Of the total petitions for relief, 780 were DENIED (false accusation, lack of evidence?).

GUN SENSE LIE 2: If those abusers go to a gun shop, the background check system will block them from buying a gun, but right now in Vermont they can find dozens of guns online from unlicensed sellers, meet up in a parking lot, and they’ll walk away with a gun, no questions asked.

GUN OWNERS OF VERMONT TRUTH: Selling to a person who is a Prohibited Person is ALREADY a crime in Vermont.
Most Vermont gun owners do NOT sell firearms to strangers.
Firearms are sold by the criminals that stole them to anyone who has cash.
If a domestic abuser obtains a firearm after being prohibited, he is again breaking the law.
That CANNOT be regulated.
This is the problem with legislation that attempts to prevent even 1 person from doing something “bad” by forcing EVERYONE else to be forced into compliance.
If a person is intent on doing harm, they will, regardless of how many laws on the books that says they can’t.
Punishing every Vermonter in the hopes of stopping one “bad guy” is dangerous to Liberty.

Review: In June of 2013, a New York man, under a relief from abuse order and denied ownership of firearms, broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and stabbed her multiple times.
Her new boyfriend defended her and her 18 month old daughter with a firearm.
A piece of paper does not make women safe from violent people.
A truly violent person should be LOCKED UP and not simply disbarred the possession of firearms.
Too much emphasis is put on the gun, not on the person’s ACTIONS!