Burlington Gun Ordinances Failed 1-7 in House Govt. Operations Committee

This morning the House Government Operations Committee today voted down all
three Burlington Gun Control bills 1-7. The Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights won.

H.90, H.91, H.92 all failed 1 to 7 after the committee members heard testimony from
legislative counsel attorneys Erik FitzPatrick and BetsyAnn Wrask, who both testified
about constitutional conflicts and other legal probelms with the three bills.

Click on link below for each bill, then click on “As Introduced” to read the actual bill.

H.90 Police Confiscation of Weapons

H.91 Mandatory Lock-Up Self-Defense

H.92 No Firearms on Property with First Class Liquor License

The two lawyers also used the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights 24 VSA 2295
as a source of legal protection for what the gun control ordinances would endanger.

24 VSA Section 2295:

24 VSA Section 2291(8)

This victory was the result of all of the telephone calls, E-mails and other contacts
by the shooting/outdoors pro-rights Vermonters in representing their rights to the
legislature and in the ordinance hearings at Burlington City Hall. Congratulation All!