** UPDATE **

Burlington charter changes H90, H91, H92 were shot down in flames!

Only ONE committee member supported them, JOANNA COLE.

Her GunSense campaign contributions:
08/22/14 $200
09/03/14 $200
10/02/14 $200

** UPDATE **

On Thursday the House Government Operations Committee is having 3 lawyers
from Legislative Counsel staff to speak on the three Burlington gun control
ordinances charter change bills.

Telephone calls and E-mails are appropriate.

Call Sgt. of Arms at 802-828-2228, leave a polite message to the committee members stated:
“Protect our Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights, and not support H.90, H.91 and H.92”

The Burlington Free Press reported “Burlington gun restrictions to be considered”

This is clearly an attack on the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights a state law
which prevents municipalities from enacting gun control ordinances or regulating
hunting, fishing or trapping.

We lose this battle and we have lost the protection of the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights.

Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights is below. and

Now is the time to contact the members of the House Government Operations
Committee to politely say “Protect Our Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights”
You can leave the message with the Sgt-At-Arms, Monday through Friday
at 802-828-2228. The legislature are in the state house Tuesday through Friday.
The legislative session has about three weeks left but the closer it gets to the
final gavel falling in mid-May, the faster the action moves in the state house.

House Committee on Government Operations
Rep. Donna Sweaney, Chair (D) Windsor (802) 674-5175
Rep. Debbie Evans, Vice Chair (D) Essex Jct. (802) 878-4317
Rep. Dennis J. Devereux, Ranking Member (R) Belmont (802) 259-2460
Rep. Joanna Cole (D) Burlington (802) 660-7175
Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas (D) Bradford (802) 222-3536
Rep. Mark Higley (R) Lowell (802) 744-6379
Rep. Ronald E. Hubert (R) Milton (802) 893-1368
Rep. Robert LaClair (R) Barre (802) 476-9668
Rep. Patti J. Lewis (R) Berlin (802) 223-6319
Rep. Linda J. Martin, Clerk (D) Wolcott (802) 888-5654
Rep. Maida Townsend (D) S. Burling. (802) 862-7404

Denise Diehl, Committee Assistant
(802) 828-2267

Clint Gray,
Northern Vice President
Immediate Past-President
Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Inc.