VT Mayors Coalition calls for Gun Control 2016

The Vermont’s Mayor’s Coalition, the eight mayors below, gun control statement carrying the gun control campaign of former NYC Mayor Bloomberg is an attachment to this E-mail.
The mayors of Barre, Montpelier, Burlington and Rutand are members of the Bloomberg’s mayors group.  They want NYC gun control laws in spite of the fact that:
*Vermont has the lowest violent crime in the country. FBI
*Vermont has an excellent firearm safety record. VT F&W
*Vermont is not a major source of guns to other states. BATF

If you would like to politely express your opinion about their group’s gun control campaign you can contact them by use of the contact info below.  You may want to say:
“Vermont does not have a gun problem.  We have a crushing tax burden problem.  We need state & local government to reign in spending and reduce our taxes”
Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon: City Hall Office 802-476-0241,  E-mail: tlauzon@charter.net     Facebook: https:  https://www.facebook.com/thom.lauzon

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger: City Hall Office 802-865-7272, E-mail:  mayor@burlingtonvt.gov  Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiroBTV.

Montpelier Mayor John Hollar: City Hall Office: 802-793-3176E-mail: jhollar@montpelier-vt.org
Newport Mayor Paul Monette:  City Hall Office 802-224-5136,   E-mail: paul.monette@newportvermont.org  
Rutland Mayor Chris Louras: City Hall Office 802- 773-1800 ext 211, E-mail: mayorlouras@gmail.com Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/RutlandMayorLouras
St. Albans Mayor Liz Gamache: City Hall Office: 802-524-1500, ext 255,  E-mail: l.gamache@stalbansvermont.com
Vergennes Mayor Bill Benton: City Hall Office: 802-877-3637E-mail: wdbentonappraisers@gmail.com
Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard: City Hall Office: 802-777-3381, E-mail: sethinwinooski@gmail.com
If you just want to E-mail the mayors, all of their E-mail addresses are down below: