Rob Roper: We Shall Overcome… The Constitution

We Shall Overcome… The Constitution

June 26, 2016 By TrueNorth

Rob Roper, president of the Ethan Allen Institute
Rob Roper

Democrat lawmakers staged a sit in on the floor of the House Chamber in contrived outrage over the failure of certain gun control measures to pass in Congress. Specifically, they were pushing so called “No Fly, No Buy” legislation that would have prohibited anybody on the federal No Fly or terrorist watch list from buying a firearm. They accuse Republicans of protecting terrorists.

No. What those who opposed this measure are protecting are citizens’ Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, our Fourth Amendment rights to be secure in our effects and free from unreasonable searches and seizures, and our Fifth Amendment right to not be stripped of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

These are true “civil rights”, enshrined the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. The legislators who left the House singing the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome” (our own Peter Welch among them) after trying to strip the bedrock civil rights of U.S. citizens are engaged in a brazen example of Orwellian Newspeak – “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”

Think about this, folks. Do we really want to live in a country where an anonymous bureaucrat in a backroom office somewhere can add your name to a list and, in doing so, strip you of your God-given civil rights? Because that’s the policy these politicians are trying to implement. That they’re doing it while wrapping themselves in a smokescreen of self-righteousness is nauseating.

– Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute

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