The Governor Has Signed H.5

In 15091, first attachment on left in the lower row of  attachments, on page 3 of the article inaccurately reports H.5, legalizing citizen possession/use of suppressors on a sport shooting range has not yet been signed by Gov. Shumlin. This is incorrect.

The governor has signed H.5, which is now Act 61.

10 VSA 5227 defines a sport shooting range. Links to H.61 and 10 VSA 5227 are below.

Act 61:{c78b7ea562d14aa1f08e4d48fa5838cee7e11fea7bb763f970182b84d63034ca}20As{c78b7ea562d14aa1f08e4d48fa5838cee7e11fea7bb763f970182b84d63034ca}20Enacted.pdf

10 VSA 5227:

There will be a public ceremonial signing of  H.5 at the Barre F&G Club at 10 A.M. on Thursday, July 16. The governor will also perform the Vermont Annual Moose Permit Drawing at that time. The Moose Drawing will carried live on Froggy 100.9 to hear the reading off of ALL the lucky winners’ names. The Moose Lottery Drawing will also be streamed LIVE online at

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