Sneaky Politicians

The federation in a campaign to protect the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights from the City of Burlington gun control campaign
E-mails to the city politicians would be useful, E-mail addresses and more information is below…
On Wednesday, November 27 the City of Burlington issued a Status Report
to the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, relative to the Vermont
Public Records Law request served on the city on September 19. The
city’s status report documents is an attachment to this E-mail.

The City of Burlington first reported it had approximately 18,000 documents
that it qualified as meeting the federation Vermont Public Records Law
request criteria. The city has made available approximately 2,500 of those
documents. The vast majority of the documents provided were duplicates
of original E-mails.

There is very revealing information coming out of this public records review.

But, the city has slowed the release of documents down to a near standstill.

Worse, the city has withheld 117 documents from our being able to see the
agenda of the city and how it drafted it proposed gun control ordinances.
Almost every one of these documents is completely withheld. It is not a
matter of some lines blackened out on a certain pages. The entire body of
the document is withheld from the public. Everything except the header
information of the E-mail is completely removed from public review.

What do you think of any Vermont form of government withholding from the
public it serves, how it creates and would enforce its laws?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;