Burlington City Secrets

It is both telling and extremely dismaying to see the volume and nature of documents withheld from public view, as per the September 19 request filed by the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs.

It would seem that given the unpopularity of the Burlington City Council’s proposed gun control measures, certain legislators and bureaucrats are attempting to accomplish surreptitiously that which they feel might not stand the open light of day, or at the very least, place them at undue political risk with elections coming in March.

It is a pity that a higher road cannot be expected of those whose modus operandi seems to be control at all costs, no matter the will of the people. And it is all the more reprehensible that they choose to operate under cover of darkness, and in secrecy. But such scullduggery is and will be brought to light, regardless. And the truth, then exposed.

Most Sincerely,

Alex Knight