Say “Thanks” to Governor Shumlin for getting it right on Vermont gun laws


Watch Governor’s Shumlin’s great comments supporting Vermont’s common sense gun laws on WCAX or read it below:

Governor Shumlin said said voters sent him a message to act on property taxes and education costs, not gun laws or picking the state dog and vegetable.
‘I just don’t know very many Vermonters who come up to me and say, ‘You know governor, all of my problems are because Vermont’s gun laws aren’t serving us well.’ It’s not something I’m getting; so let’s focus on the things Vermonters asked us to get done.”

Give Governor Shumlin a call at (802) 828-3333 to say “Thanks Peter for being right on Vermont’s Gun laws.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the NEK, gun control advocates are tipping their hand.

One of the members of Vermont’s gun control group was quoted
in the Caledonian Record on Jan. 24 as saying:

“I don’t believe (background checks) is a panacea; it’s
not the solution to violence in our society, but it’s an
important first step.”
They are telling you they know S.31 will not deter crime. It is just a
necessary first step in an endless march of state gun control laws.
The Caledonia Record with the quote is an attachment to this E-mail
and this E-mail and read it for yourself.

Call your State Senator at 802-828-2228 and say ” No to Gun Control Bill S.31″
Find your Senator(s) at: