Gun store cries foul after Bloomberg group uses their images in online sting

GunsenseVT has been joined by Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s national gun control group “Everytown for Gun Safety” in a campaign to crush your Vermont rights.  Bloomberg”s group very recently ran an antigun reportedly sting operation in Vermont, publishing a “report” and press release on their “report”.

Too many Vermont media printed news articles that were more like PR pieces for Bloomberg’s group rather than objective  journalism.  A major media buy by the Bloomberg group for the “report” came out in coordination with the release of the “report” the media campaign, the Vermont media unquestioning media reporting of the “report” of the Bloomberg group.

Now, a Vermont gun shop has released a loud and strong objection to way it is has been portrayed in the Bloomberg group campaign.  See article via the link below.  Read it, this is serious.

Vermont gun rights advocates and supporters have long had to counter the inaccurate “spin” of fact reports by Vermont gun control advocates about gun ownership and use in Vermont.  Now, the Bloomberg group has apparently incorrectly and unjustly defamed this Vermont gun shop.

All in trying to pass a gun control bill that will not deter crime and create needless expense and difficultly for private citizens trying to sell their legally owned guns.  This is inexcusable and unacceptable.

Please call your Vermont Senator(s) at 802-828-2228.  Politely tell them “No to S.31” and to tell the gun control organizations operating in Vermont to cease such tactics, that they won’t work here.