Say “NO to H.706”

Please call the Sgt-At-Arms at the Vermont State House and politely leave the message “No to H.706” for your
legislator and/or your pick of the legislators listed below.

Current Vermont law makes it a crime to knowingly bring a gun into a school building or onto a school bus.
Current Vermont law makes it a crime to bring a gun onto school property with the intent to harm another.
13 VSA Section 4004

Current Vermont law requires school personnel to report a student with gun on school property to law enforcement.
Current Vermont law requires school personnel to take disciplinary action with a student a gun on school property
and shall expel from the school for not less than one calendar year any student who brings a firearm to school or
possesses a firearm at school. However, the school board may modify the expulsion on a case by case basis.
16 VSA Section 1166

H.706 in another unnecessary gun control bill that would make criminals out of decent, peaceful Vermonters.
The St. Albans Messenger has run the story below on the recently released gun control bill: H.706
Folks, here is a gun control bill that is essentially the same bill we had a very serious battle over
in the 1999-2000 term of the Vermont Legislature. The law as it exists now was the result of
all of that review and work, this law serves Vermont very well. It is 13 V.S.A. Section 4004.

Now the gun control element is back trying to get our legislators to go through this all over again.

Please call the Sgt-At-Arms at the Vermont State House and politiely leave the message
“No to H.706” to your legislator and/or your pick of the legislators listed below.

H.0706 – An act relating to prohibiting the possession of firearms and other dangerous or deadly weapons on any school property

Read the bill very carefully. Schools own large tracts of land in this state.
If this bill were to pass into law it would cut off those lands to hunting or
traveling over with a “weapon”

Read the definition of “Owned by the school” for an insight into how
expansive this ban on weapons would be for Vermonter. If you are
on your way to fishing and you cross land of the definitions of what
this law would create, it is 1 year imprisonment and/or $1,000.00 fine.

Your 17 year old son or daughter going hunting or fishing, arrested
and/or fined for being on land that they did not know was subject to
this unneeded law.

This bill is a solution in search of a problem.

The sponsors on the bill are:

Kathleen Keenan of St. Albans City
Carolyn Branagan of Georgia
Cynthia Weed of Enosburgh
Daniel Connor of Fairfield
Michel Consejo of Sheldon
Eillen “Lynn” Dickson of St. Albans City
Peter Fagan of Rutland City
Jill Knowinski of Burlington
Kristina Michelsen of Hardwick
Tristen Toleno of Brattleboro

Calling the State House at 802-828-2228 to leave a “No to H.706” message.

If one of these folks is your representative you need to call them
and relate that you oppose H.706. Remember, these are politicians.
They might well call you back and try to talk you into support some
aspects of this bill or other gun control legislation. “No to H.706”

For action with other legislators look below.

Do Not Take A Quiz!

Nor do you have to take a “quiz” of theirs on gun issues. You can state
that you oppose this bill and any other gun control legislation that they
bring up.

If these are not your representative(s) leave your representative the
same “No to H.706” message. If you do not know your representative
ask the Sgt-At-Arms staffer answering the telephone.