Pro-gun people turnout was very big at Burlington hearing

The last City of Burlington public hearing on advancing three proposed gun
control ordinances to the voters was tonight, January 27th. As the photos
in the attachments to this E-mail show the number of gun rights supporters
opposing these ordinances was overwhelming.

The opposition to the bills was overwhelming, many folks waved the orange
handbills supplied by the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. The
number of Burlington residents speaking in opposition to the gun control
ordinances far and away outnumbered the one person who spoke in favor
of enacting gun control ordinances.

The gun control element has been telling Vermont legislators that the state
demographics have changed. Gun owners ranks are depleted, gun owners
are willing to concede to gun control measures. Look at the photos.

The Burlington City Council will now almost certainly push forward the three
gun control ordinances to be added to the March 4, Town Meeting Ballot.

Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs: