My Arms Collection

These are man made  Tools of War or Peace, of Love or Hate-labeled at will by man, their Creator.

Tools, ingeniously designed, used  by aggressor or defender-classed again by man,their Maker.

Blameless products of metal and wood, shaped by the skill of Master Mechanics, embellished by the hand of an Artist-condemned because of  misuse by man, their Possessor.

A mighty Protector on the side on the side of Right- a Destroyer on the side of Evil-an eternal Chameleon.

Look upon them as they are displayed -impotent Curios of a day now past, out living their Masters.

Let their purpose and history be forever in the eyes of the beholder; romantic, destroying or preserving ,weaving untold tales of daring or cowardice, of chivalry or cunning  but see them as they shall always be- ominous reminders of sudden action- the instruments  of the Quick and Nemesis of the Dead.