MARCH 23rd -Don’t Forget!!

Speak Up for your gun rights by exercising your right at 9:30 AM
Saturday, March 23rd!
We are asking that all Vermont gun owners fire at least 15 rounds to protest the attack on our rights that started in the 2018 Legislature, primarily with the restrictions on magazine capacity. The shots heard `round the state.*
What can you do? Invite some friends, join them at the range or the backyard, set up some targets, and commence firing at 9:30 AM Saturday March 23rd, 2019. Then exercise your rights by contacting your legislators and demand that they oppose any new gun control, demand repeal of the 2018 restrictions and support our request for a Public Hearing in the Vermont House. Along with the many bills proposed in the House, another set of restrictions is now pending for passage by the Vermont Senate. Let your rights be heard! #March23rd
Find your legislator at:
Last year on March 23rd, 2018, beginning at 9:30 AM, Vermont Legislators voted to deny us a Public Hearing on S.55, the 2018 Gun Control Bill. The Speaker of the House had denied our repeated requests for an opportunity for ALL VERMONTERS to speak out against New York style gun control and restrictions like the High Capacity Magazine Ban. A motion by Barre Democrat Rep. Paul Poirier was our last hope for that hearing. It failed by a vote of 61 – 85 against your request to be heard. See that vote at:…/2018/Docs/JO…/hj180323.pdf
This day should never be forgotten by Vermont gun owners who cherish their Article 16 and 2nd Amendment rights to “bear arms for the defense of themselves and the state”. We will never forget!
All major Firearms rights groups will be demanding a Public Hearing in the Vermont House. Join us by contacting your House Representative by phone or email. Contact House Representatives and Senators (weekdays) by phone at 802-828-2228, leave a message for them by name with the Seargent At Arms office and request a return call! Always be polite an d respectful to legislative staff please. #March23rd
William R. Moore
Firearms Policy Analyst