Gun Sense Lie of the Day #6

GUN SENSE: Since 1998, criminal background checks have blocked 356 domestic abusers in Vermont from buying a gun at a licensed gun dealer.

GUN OWNERS OF VERMONT TRUTH: Those 356 federal denials covered the entire 17 year period from 1998 to 2015.
That is an average of 21 per year who attempted to buy a firearm legally, but were denied.
Vermont conducted over 380,000 NICS checks in that same time period.
Even if every one the people denied, managed to obtain a firearm illegally, not one was actually used in a domestic violence situation, because that information would be singled out and used as a “trophy” by Gun Sense to push their agenda.

In Vermont, MEN are at higher risk of domestic violence than women.
Since 2007, more MEN were killed in domestic violence cases than women.

It is truly underhanded that an anti-gun group, run by a woman, uses misleading messages to promote an agenda aimed squarely at taking away the rights of Vermont’s men.

DV Female Victims DV Male Victims
2007 2 7
2008 5 6
2009 1 1
2010 0 3
2011 3 1
2012 2 2
2013 3 4
Total 16 24


GUN SENSE LIE: But when there’s a double standard that doesn’t require a background check for unlicensed online gun sales, it’s easy for abusers to evade the system and get guns.

GUN OWNERS OF VERMONT TRUTH: There is no “double standard”.
Vermont has laws that have kept Vermont the safest state in the nation for over 220 years. There is no such thing as an “unlicensed online gun sale.”
Firearms are not purchased online without going through a federally licensed dealer.
There are no guns bought and sold on eBay, as Gun Sense wants the uninformed to believe. There are federal laws governing the shipping of firearms.
There are Vermont laws regarding firearm sales.
Stolen firearms are most likely to be resold to prohibited persons.

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