BTV Council Moved the Gun Issue to November

The Burlington City Council has moved the Burlington Gun Ban/Control issue from next Monday to November. The reason? Because an antigun group asked them to move it so the gun control group might better prepare strategies for the city council meeting. See the E-mail from City Councilor Rachel Siegel down below to city council.

In the case of the meeting taking up the gun issue, which was set for Monday, Sept. 9th, and was announced in the media. But, not the move of the gun ban/control agenda to November.

Our folks would have shown up next Monday, to speak on an issue moved to November.

Note that not only was the meeting moved for the accommodation of a gun control group but it was moved right into time when hunters are readying for deer season. Is this is dirty politics?

Does this make you wonder if the Burlington City Council vote in January was a done deal?

This is exactly why the legislature took control of the issues now protected by the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights out of the hands of municipalities. The very same law Burlington would slice & dice.

If Burlington is successful, municipalities all over the state will have “Open Season” political games with your hunting/shooting, fishing, trapping, guns, ranges, and ammo, currently protected not-PC rights. Tell your state legislators of the Burlington contempt for the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights.

From: Rachel Siegel <>
Date: September 3, 2013, 10:09:08 PM EDT
To: CityCouncil <>, Eileen Blackwood <>, Miro Weinberger <>, Mike Kanarick <>
Cc: “Shannon, Joan” <>
Subject: Resolutions postponed

Hello colleagues,

At the urging of the GunSense Vermont organizers, we are putting the Charter Change resolutions on hold until early November. That will give them more time for the statewide strategies they are working on. It also means there’s plenty of time for questions and suggestions. Please feel free to tell us what you think.

On behalf of the Charter Change Committee,
Rachel Siegel
Ward 3 City Councilor