2023-2024 Tyrannical Anti-Gun Bills

When one party controls the law, the law becomes their tool, to wield with impunity to punish anyone they see fit.

Here in 2023 we see what the Legislature wants for Vermont, the total Californification of Vermont:

2023-2024 Anti-Gun Bills

The end of carrying for self-defense, the end of self-defense of others, the end of SEMI-AUTOMATIC firearms ownership [they will be back for the rest in 2025] and so much more!

With all of the issues facing Vermonters in 2023, the legislature has chosen to attack the right of self defense as a top priority!

Rational people need to ask themselves; “why the powers in Montpelier consider it a priority to use their new supermajority for the purposes of outlawing Vermonter’s rights to self defense?”

Gun owners know why, but it is time for others to look behind the political sound bites and glowing, biased editorials, and realize the truth… if politicians can disarm the populace at will, what else will they do, when all lawful citizens have been disarmed?

History knows the answer…

It is time to speak up before it happens again…