From Release — Paul Dame
June 12, 2014

Paul Dame of Essex Junction is announcing his Candidacy to represent the Village of Essex Junction in the Vermont House of Representatives. Paul looks forward to representing Essex at the state level to secure its future as a warm and vibrant community where we can all continue to live, work and play.

A native Vermonter, Paul graduated from Otter Valley Union High School in Brandon, VT. He later graduated from the University of Vermont in 2005 with a degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. He now works locally, operating his own financial services practice, Shepherd Financial Services, since 2011 helping local families navigate college savings, retirement and an uncertain financial future.

Paul and his wife, Loredana, who have lived in Essex since they were married nearly five years ago, are also proud parents of a 10 month old daughter, Nadia.

Earlier this year, Paul became the first elected president of the Vermont Young Professionals after founding president Mark Hall stepped down. Since joining the board of directors in 2011, Paul has had a passion for helping young Vermonters gain the professional and personal skills that will help them thrive in the difficulty that has recently become Vermont’s employment landscape.

As a young father, head of a local non-profit, and working in an Essex Business, Paul looks forward to serving this community on the state level the same way he serves others on a personal level; by listening first, understanding individual needs, and charting a course that makes the best use of resources and circumstances to help people.