You were champions again last night!

DSC_6593Folks you were champions last night. The people who made it to the Vermont State House
made an extremely powerful showing of the strength of our opposition to S.31 and any other
gun control legislation that violates our rights and/or sound public policy.

S.31 is unnecessary. S.31 clearly is a solution in search of a problem.

There are news reports of the public hearing in the media all over the state. The state
house was a sea of orange and solidarity of protecting what we know is so important.

Attached is a photo taken by Charles Ferry, President of the Barre Rifle & Pistol Club.
It does not begin to show the extent of the overpowering numbers of our people present
but it gives those who were unable to attend an idea of the power of our message.

Congratulations and thank you for standing together in opposition to dangerous legislation.

Evan Hughes
Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs