Vermont is *NOT* a Major Source of Firearms for Massachusetts

Gun control advocates claim that Vermont is flooding Massachusetts with guns.

Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) data shows this is WRONG!

For 2011-2013, BATFE Gun Traces requested by Massachusetts showed the following:

Guns Traced
By Massachusetts: 3,043

Guns Traced To
Massachusetts: 1,235

Guns Traced To
Other States: 1.767

Guns Traced To
Vermont: 41

These same statistics show that for 2013:
Vermont was the 45th lowest source of guns in the 50 States, and
Vermont ranks as the lowest source of guns In the six New England States

Vermont consistently enjoys one of the lowest firearm-related crime rates in the nation
Vermont IS NOT a major source of guns, as reported by WCAX and the Boston Globe

Vermont’s current gun laws serve us well
New gun control laws are a solution in search of a problem
ATF Firearms Trace Data from 2013