Vermont: Anti-Gunners Switching to Anti-Hunting Bills

2017: The Anti-Gunners & Animal Activists Attack!

Vermont anti-gun legislators have introduced several anti-gun bills under the guise of Universal Background Checks: S.6 and H.151
Now, since these anti-gun legislators aren’t getting the paid backing they were promised, these anti-gun legislators have introduced a flurry of other anti-liberty bills!

There are even TWO bills aimed at restricting VETERANS from owning firearms under the guise of “helping” them with PTSD!

H.206 and H.207

These two bills try to trick Veterans suffering from PTSD that it is “OK” to use marijuana to fight the effects disease because it is “legal in Vermont!

These anti-gun politicians WANT YOUR GUNS!

The Federal government has regulated marijuana as a Schedule 1 prohibited substance.

Being a user of marijuana makes you a prohibited person under federal law!

NEXT, these anti-gun legislators are focused on HUNTING, FISHING and TRAPPING!

Here are a few anti-hunting bills:

H.6 Restricts use of public waterways.
H.40 Restricts use of public waterways.
H.60 Restricts the hunting coyotes.
H.220 TOTAL IVORY BAN in Vermont!
H.336 Gives a large portion of control of the Fish and Wildlife Board to anti-gun and anti-hunting organizations.

April Update: During the end of March and April, the anti-gun forces got in line behind the Domestic Violence groups in an effort to “get something” related to Gun Control.
H.422 Tried to use the “men with guns are dangerous, but men without guns aren’t” angle to unconstitutionally search and seize EVERY firearm and dangerous weapon on the property regardless of true ownership.
The bill went through SIX rewrites in 2 weeks as it was found that there were SO many legal problems with this bill, to the point were “dangerous weapons” were dropped because as Auburn Watersong said “guns were what we were really after!”
In a final desperate attempt to get it rammed through the House Judiciary Committee, a committee member just stated, “the more we discuss this the more we find wrong with it, lets just take the vote and pass it…” Yes, folks you heard it right.

Agenda over Constitutional Rights.

Michael Bloomberg has his minions in EVERY anti-gun, anti-hunting and anti-liberty group in this state and is pushing different legislation based on where he thinks a weakness lies!

Lets show Michael and his minions there is NO weakness in defending Vermonters’ rights!

Keep watching this page daily for updates starting in January 2018!

CURRENT 2017-18 Session

Bob DePino
Vice President
Gun Owners of Vermont