Vermont 2A/A16 Sanctuary Towns As of March 2, 2020

This is the latest Vermont 2A/A16 Sanctuary Town map, as of March 2, 2020.

This map welcomes 2 passed towns, Ira and Readsboro! This is excellent news and we congratulate those town residents who made this possible. It is people like you who have turned this into an actual statewide movement. You folks are incredible!

This map also reflects a couple other changes. Marshfield is now colored yellow and has petitions floating around. Lowell is in the Town Meeting group and will hopefully change to green this week.

Please note this map will change dramatically this week with many towns being acted on during Town Meeting Day. Those blue colored towns will all be changing, hopefully to green. Most towns are meeting tomorrow, March 3rd.

PLEASE ATTEND TOWN MEETING AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD LOUD! Spread the word, create car pools if necessary and vote. As always, if you see something inaccurate on that map, please let us know. Thanks.

Vermont 2A/A16 Sanctuary Towns as of March 2, 2020