Update on S.141

The Vermont House of Representatives had its Second Reading of S.141, which
started at 1 P.M. After lengthy debate, taking up amendments, recesses, the parties
going off the floor into their party caucuses and a realigning of sections of S.141,
the bill passed 79 to 60. The votes were cast pretty much along party lines.

The 18 months waiting period for a citizen to petition for reinstatement of their
right to possess firearms has been removed and the level of evidence by the
citizen is to a “preponderance of the evidence.”

This Second Reading ended at about 5:30 PM, meaning it lasted well over 4 hours.
A very long and contested session.

The Third Reading, last vote on S.141 in the House of Representatives, will be
taken up when the House reconvenes at 9:30 A.M. If S.141 again passes, it will
go back to Senate Judiciary Committee, the committee to which had the bill in the
senate. S.141 is a Senate Judiciary Committee bill.