The Facts VPR, Just The Facts (Vermont Public Radio gets it wrong)

Gun control advocates are saying Vermont must enact
new restrictive gun laws, because our state is flooding
other states with guns used in crimes. This is not true.
Vermont Public Radio recently published the story below in which VPR
reports Vermont is flooding Massachusetts with guns. This is not true.
VPR: Gun Supply Meets Drug Demand In Vermont (or Journalism by Bias)

The Facts VPR, Just the Facts

The federal ATF maintains a web site reporting the results of the guns
traced back to the state of origin. It is very easy to locate and comprehend.

In 2012 the ATF report shows of the 1,600 Massachusetts guns traced back,
12 came from VT. Less than one percent (.75%) of the guns traced back to
the state or origin were from Vermont. It is 3/4 of one percent. The state that
was the single source of Massachusetts guns traced back: Massachusetts.

The very state that gun control proponents hold up as example for Vermont
to use for enacting restrictive gun controls was largest source of its own problems.

In 2011 the ATF reports shows of the 1,020 guns traced back, none came from
Vermont. Once again, Massachusetts was the largest source of these guns.

It is so easy to access these numbers. Certainly, the writers at VPR should have
been able to locate these statistics. The Facts VPR, Just The Facts.