Tactical Shotgun Training in Franklin, VT in June

Vermont Tactical International LLC.
For those who demand the best
Firearms training for responsible citizens and armed professionals
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June 7 and 8, Franklin VT

Tactical Shotgun – $ 330
2 Day Class
Students attending this course will learn beginner to tactical shotgun skills. You will learn firearm safety, and much more. This course encompasses the shotgun, precision shooting, close quarters drills.

This is an exciting fast paced course. Shooters will enjoy the excitement and pleasure of the success they will experience when applying proven methods of fire. Shooters will advance from bench shooting to tactical engagement in two days.
This course encompasses med-range shooting, close quarters, ground fighting and team movement tactics.
This is an exciting fast paced course designed to push your skills to the limit. Consistency in technique and communication with team member will be stressed. This is a battle focused course with tactics built on movement and laying down fire. This course is excellent for law enforcement departments, and military or armed professional. Responsible citizens may attend with proof of good character. This is a challenging and demanding course.

Individuals will be required to bring their own ammunition (no reloads, factory only) and serviceable shotgun (either pump or automatic). Sling is not required but will aid in getting the most out of this training. Handgun and strong side holster is required.
The following list of items should be brought to class. Please consider the season when making selections of clothing, bug spray, and sun block.

1.Safety glasses
2.hearing protection
3.strong side hip holster
4.brimmed hat
5.extra magazines or speed loaders
6.serviceable semi automatic pistol or revolver
7.ammunition appropriate for the handgun you will be using (factory only) 100 rounds
9.sturdy belt that will fit holster and pant loops
10. Reliable shotgun
11. Shotgun – Semi auto or pump
12. Ammunition appropriate for the shotgun you will be using (factory only)

Topics covered
Firearms safety/range safety
Body alarm reaction
Precision shooting
Fighting stance
Movement while shooting
Use of cover
Multiple threat engagement
Various firing positions (kneeling, prone, standing)
Emergency reloads/tactical reloads/administrative reloads
shotgun to handgun transition
Ready and carrying positions
Support side shooting
Facing movements
Cars as cover
Shooting around vehicles
Movement drills with partner
Tactical reload drills
Various firing positions (kneeling, prone, standing) Urban prone – shooting under barricades or vehicles

Shotgun Ammunition: bring 300 rounds, mixed slugs, bird shot, buck shot.
Use low brass, minimize the impact on yourself.

I would recommend a jell pack for your shoulder, they can be found at most gun shops. Commonly used by trap and skeet shooters.