UPDATE 6:30pm (10/20/15)

Thanks to all the folks who showed up tonight.


It was nice to just gather and chat for an hour.
The weather was very nice.

Amazing how we can gather dozens of people at a moment’s notice, but GunSense can’t.

Thanks again folks, it is an honor to be around upstanding people like you!


UPDATE 11:30am
I’m sure by now, most of you have seen the VT Watchdog article by Bruce Parker:

Gun Sense has once again decided to go incognito and change the location of their “open to the public” meeting!
Of course, Ann Braden’s definition of “public meeting” does not mean that part of the “public” that actually owns firearms….
Ann’s definition of “we want a conversation about firearms” does not include talking to people who actually own firearms.


By the time of the meeting, we will most likely have the NEW meeting location to share with you!

Please attend, we will have informational flyers containing true firearm statistics that show that Gun NonSense is in search of a problem that does not exist!

Vermont is the SAFEST STATE IN THE NATION and Bloomberg’s minions (not the cute yellow ones) will not discuss the matter with actual gun owners.

They SAY they want a conversation. They are WELCOME to attend ANY County or State meeting that we have, or attend any function that we sponsor.

See you folks tonight in Manchester!!!!


On TUESDAY, October 20, GUN SENSE VERMONT is putting on an anti-gun public meeting at the Manchester Community Library, in Manchester Center, VT at 5:30pm!

PLEASE take some time out of your day on Tuesday to stop by and visit with Ann Braden, and maybe Dan Mulligan, Bob Williamson and the rest of her PAID STAFF!

We will be bringing some FACTS and STATISTICS along so we would like your help in making sure that Gun Sense understands that they DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL VERMONTERS!

Feel free to wear Hunter Orange or Camo, just like we did in Rutland last year, where we outnumbered the antis over 10:1…

Ann Braden is getting very sure of herself because she has unlimited funding from Big Daddy Michael Bloomberg.

In the last 2 years, the anti-gunners have introduced TWENTY FIVE gun control bills in Montpelier!

In 2014, we OUSTED NINE anti-gun politicians.

2016 is around the corner, so let’s show those politicians still in office that the People of Vermont want no more of this out-of-state funded anti-gun jihad in Vermont!

The more gun owners show up, the more they will understand.

In February, we FILLED the State House and Universal Background Checks died instantly…

In 2016, Gun Non-Sense will be back pushing for UBCs and much more!!

It is time to stand up and tell Ann Braden, “NO MORE GUN CONTROL”.

Please join us on Tuesday, October 20, at 5:00pm (TO BE EARLY AND GET A SEAT!) at the:

Manchester Community Library
138 Cemetery Ave
Manchester Center, VT 05255
(802) 362-2607

PS: Remember, if they pass out those little notecards for questions, put a little asterisk in the upper corner or they won’t ask your question!