S.141 Call to Action

** UPDATE **
On Thursday 4/30/15, Bob DePino contacted the Governor’s office to find out when the soonest S.141 would be addressed by the Governor.
He was told that the bill still had to go through legal counsel before reaching the Governor’s desk and that it would be sometime the following week at the earliest…
The Governor’s office staffer “Jeff” was informed he had a petition to deliver opposing S.141.
Early the NEXT MORNING the Governor SIGNED S.141 in PRIVATE behind CLOSED DOORS.

On 5/6/15 over 1,500 signatures were delivered to Governor Shumlin opposing S.141 with the message we were “disappointed”.

** UPDATE **

Gun Owners of Vermont S.141 Call to Action


According to an article in Seven Days VT on 4/23/15:

“For all the controversy the bill has generated on social media among gun-rights activists, the governor has not been flooded with calls on the issue since the bill passed the House. Coriell said the governor’s office has received 82 calls and emails against the bill and 71 for it this week.”

82 calls and emails?

Where are those 300 gun owners in ORANGE that braved the ice and snow in January to meet at the Capitol?

Where are those 700 hearty souls in ORANGE that stood in the Capitol in February?

What has happened in the state of Vermont?

Has “the gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it” fallen upon deaf ears?

Or, has the resolve of Vermonters been so eroded by corruption that no one has any faith left in our elected leaders to make the right decision without being constantly inundated with calls?

Gun owners across the state of Vermont have ONE CHANCE LEFT to stop S.141 from being signed by Governor Shumlin.

Anyone can talk the talk on Facebook, but it has come down to this…


If S.141 passes into law, gun control bills will cascade down from Montpelier.

The anti-gun forces are already pushing for expanded regulations on PRIVATE shooting ranges.

It is the LAST TIME to stand up for the independent spirit Vermont is known for.

Today, take 5 minutes and contact the Governor!

1. Send an email to Governor Shumlin (governorvt@state.vt.us) stating simply, “Please VETO S.141. The people of Vermont do NOT want more gun control in the safest state in America.”

2. Make a phone call to his office at (802) 828-3333, “Please VETO S.141. The people of Vermont do NOT want more gun control in the safest state in America.”

Either way, OR BOTH, make sure to leave your name, town and phone number in your message!

Let’s give the Governor the support he needs to STOP S.141 NOW!


If you don’t make the effort, BLOOMBERG WINS in Vermont by default.

Speak up now!

Bob DePino
Field Coordinator / Research Analyst
Gun Owners of Vermont

PS: 7,000 signed letters were delivered to Governor Shumlin’s office on April 10. Where are they now?