No New Gun Laws

The PBS weekly political show Vermont This Week carried a two minute section. Apparently the gun control folks do not grasp that is already illegal to sell guns illegally via federal law.

The gun control segment starts at 23:30 minutes into the video.

Governor Shumlin was interviewed at the Yankee Sportsmen’s Classic and repeated again “No New Gun Laws” including the to be introduced useless mandatory privacy checks.

On Tuesday, January 27 the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs will host it annual event at the Vermont State House.

The event will start for tours of the state house at 2 P.M. and the VTFSC has booked the cafeteria to be able to offer snacks, non-alcoholic beverages.  There will be a cash bar and the VTFSC goal is to get an impressive number of our folks to participate.

The obvious points of all of Vermont’s gun rights supporters:

Whatever is in this impending Vermont gun control legislation that it won’t be “universal” for criminals do not comply with laws.

Vermont is consistently one of the very lowest crime rate states.
Vermont constantly has one of the very best firearm safety records.
Vermont is not a major source of guns.  BATFE data proven and WCAX confirmed
New gun control legislation is a solution in search of a problem.