Gun Owners of Vermont Endorsed Candidates for 2012 Election

Gun Owners of Vermont is endorsing the following candidates for the 2012 election year:

  • For Attorney General – Jack McMullin
  • For U.S. Senate – John McGovern
  • For U.S. House of Representatives – Peter Welch
  • For Washington County Senate – Anthony Pollina
  • For Windsor Senate – Dick Tracy
  • For Chittenden 6-1 – Kurt Wright
  • For Windham 1 – Mike Herbert
  • For State Representative – Tom Burditt

Our choice for the presidential candidate is the write in Ron Paul. Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have very poor program histories and are definitely not on the side of gun owners.

Once again, Gun Owners of Vermont is non-partisan. We endorse candidates strictly on their views of firearms.