Burlington Politicians ” You Should Not Tread on Veterans Day”

The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs objects to the Burlington City Hall being opened up
by city politicians Veterans Day for a PC gun control rally. Veterans Day is a day of respect for the
service of our veterans and active duty military personnel to honor their sacrifice for our country.
City hall was closed for business and that respect should not be compromised for a PC rally that city
politicians support. Respect Veterans Day. Mayor Weinberger’s office: 802-865-7272. City Council
President Joan Shannon: 802-860-7489: “You Should Not Tread on Veterans Day”
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The antis are incredible. See a quote from one of the below. Are they really saying that they
did not know that November 11th was Veterans Day? Really? See BFP article below.

Vermont Federation of Sportmen’s Clubs decries gun-legislation event
Group criticizes Burlington politicians for allowing event to take place in City Hall on Veterans Day
Nov. 12, 2013 |
The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs is criticizing the city of Burlington for allowing a gun-legislation event to be held in City Hall on Veterans Day.

The federation holds it is disheartening that the mayor and city council would allow any activist events to take place in the city council chambers on Veterans Day,” Vice President Evan Hughes wrote in a statement on behalf of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, which is the state’s National Rifle Association affiliate and a group that has spoken out against gun-related legislation.

“Any political lip service about respecting Veterans Day is worthless sales talk, for actions speak much louder than mere fancy words of politicians,” Hughes wrote.

The organization Gun Sense Vermont held a forum Monday night in Contois Auditorium that featured medical professionals and others who spoke about gun violence and presented possible solutions.

Gun Sense Vermont Chittenden County organizer Marie Adams said the group initially had booked the auditorium for another date but had to reschedule for Veterans Day because of a conflict within city offices.

The Mayor’s Office was unable to comment on the assertions Tuesday.

It was definitely not planned by any means,” Adams said. “It was just that if we wanted to get this done, that was the date.” She said Gun Sense Vermont had been seeking to include the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs in discussions about guns and safety.

We will continue to reach out, because we’d love to have them become part of this conversation,” Adams said.

The sportsmen’s group has objected to proposed regulations on gun possession, including gun-related proposals in Burlington, by citing Vermont state law.

It is not surprising that the Burlington politicians who have no respect for the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights would have no respect for Veterans Day,” Hughes wrote in the statement. “We will not silently endure either insult.”

City offices were closed Monday in observance of Veterans Day, and the city held two ceremonies recognizing veterans.