Anti-Gun Legislation Now In Vermont Senate – Action Needed!

Dear Gun Owner,

We need your help to defeat the latest Bloomberg attack on Vermont gun rights.

Michael Bloomberg and his cronies at Moms Demand Action and Gun Sense Vermont are assaulting Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution.

S.141 will be voted on in the Senate this Tuesday, 3/24/15 (2nd reading) AND Wednesday, 3/25/15 (3rd reading) in Montpelier.

To contact your Senators, Call the Sergeant at Arms at (802) 828-2228 and leave a message to your Senator to VOTE “NO” on S.141! A link to the legislative search feature can be found at the bottom of this email.

You may also send an Email to every Vermont Senator listed in the second link below, you may use the text in the first link as a guideline or create your own personal message.

Please include the Subject line of: “Vote NO on S.141”

Pass this email to your pro-gun friends.

Let the Vermont Senate hear YOUR voice, instead of Bloomberg’s money!

This action is critical because with YOUR help, this bill will be defeated!

Yours in Liberty,
Ed Cutler
President, Gun Owners of Vermont

1. You can type up your own personal message, OR use the following message for talking points:
Click on link to view an example message text:

2. Click on link to view Email addresses to send to (copy and paste into BCC line):

3. Subject: Vote NO on S.141

To view the bill, click here:{c78b7ea562d14aa1f08e4d48fa5838cee7e11fea7bb763f970182b84d63034ca}20As{c78b7ea562d14aa1f08e4d48fa5838cee7e11fea7bb763f970182b84d63034ca}20Introduced.pdf

To search for your specific Senator, click here: