Alert: Status Change for S.169

As of 3:23 Sunday May 12th the agenda for House Judiciary has changed. Previously, S.169 was on the agenda with the tag of “Committee Discussion”. Now the tag says: “Committee Discussion and Possible Vote”.

A total of 10 minutes have been allotted in the agenda for S.169. We have three things for you to accomplish in the morning hours of Monday May 13th 2019

1. PLEASE: Make some time Monday to make a call to the Sgt at Arms Office at (802) 828-2228, ask to leave the message “No to S.169” for Speaker Johnson.

2. You can also ask that a second message be delivered to the House Judiciary Committee with the same message of NO to S.169!

3. Also, please consider sending a POLITE email to her at:

with a Subject line of “No to S.169”.

We’ve come to far with this to lose at the Finish Line. Keep in mind, the legislature is not normally open for business on Mondays. This is special action on this item in the last week of the legislature.

If your not willing to protect your rights, who will?

Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs