From Eddie Cutler, Our President

OK folks, the number to call is 802 828 2228. Call your reps and remind them to vote no on S-169. I am also including the contact information for the e mails to them. The most important thing is to speak to them personally if they call you back. If you e mail them remind them that this bill will cost lives if an abused victim needs to get a firearm to defend them selves. Be polite.

Some other talking points are we did not have enough time during the public hearing for everyone to speak or in committee to testify: It is a direct violation of Vermont’s Article 16th. If they start referring to the 2nd amendment remind them that Art 16th is also in play and much stronger.

If any of you ladies want to e mail your reps and complain about them taking your right to defend your selves do so. This is important!

Now light up the statehouse phones and keep trying till you get through. The phone hours are from 8 45 AM to 4 30 PM.
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