A Response to “Don’t Call it a Gun Bill”

Regards, Jim Lanese To the Editor, This letter was forwarded to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, Governor Peter Shumlin, Vermont state senators, Jeanette White and Peter Galbraith.

Vermont state reps, David Deen, Richard Marek, Michael Mrowicki and Linda Simpson. I am writing the Reformer about Vermont HB 124 and 125 and Rep. Michael Mrowicki’s declaration, “Don’t call it a gun bill.” on the front page of last weeks Weekend Reformer.

I am a Viet-Nam veteran and a retired Corrections Officer from Connecticut. We moved to Vermont because of it’s natural beauty, privacy and what we thought offered more freedom than urban populated states. In 1969 I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. With this letter I am attempting to do as much. As far as I know I have not been relieved of that oath. A few weeks ago Sen. Philip Baruth had to withdraw his monkey see, monkey do New York state styled “assault weapon’s ban.” This bill was withdrawn due to unpopular demand. Of course the progressive-socialists, aka democrats, in the house not wanting to “let a good crisis”, like the Newtown CT school killings, “go to waste” try to sneak something through the back door after Baruth got the front door slammed shut on him. They don’t even have the honesty or the integrity to call it what is. It is backdoor attack on our 2nd amendment rights under the constitution. Now they are trying to take a small bite of the apple in the form a high capacity magazine ban. This of course all in the name of safety and saving children. This is what progressive-socialists do, deceive, inveigle and obfuscate any issue to advance their socialist agenda. They couldn’t take the whole hog so now they try to take the hind quarter. They attack our liberties in increments, a little piece at a time, take what the defense gives you. Now they want just magazine restrictions on rifles and semi-automatic pistols. After they will come back for ammunition in one form or the other, a restriction here, a restriction there. Next the semi-auto pistols, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Of course it’s all for safety, the children. This from a party that endorses the abortion of about 1.3 million human beings per year and after Brooke Bennett’s murder refused to pass even a part of Jessica’s Law which would help protect children from sexual predators. Then passes a bill to open dispensaries for marijuana with total disregard for federal law. They give an illegal substance legality, then want to make a legal magazine for your rifles and pistols illegal because it fits their agenda. Their so called high capacity magazine ban would not only affect rifles but would also affect many pistols currently owned. The 2nd amendment of the constitution protects the bill of rights and all the other amendments. It is not about hunting or target shooting. It is the peoples right to protect themselves against tyrannical government by providing balanced firepower. I am tired of being branded “an extremist” by the likes of progressives like Gov. Andrew Coumo of New York who screamed on television, “No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer.” I suggest people Google the Cheshire CT Home Invasion, where two armed ex-cons invaded Dr. William Petit’s home. Raped, killed and set on fire his wife and two daughters in front of his eyes. Dr. Petit didn’t have a gun, but it makes me wonder how many bullets he would have been restricted to using had he had one with these people running the show. The Dept. of Homeland Security recently purchased over 7,000 FULLY AUTOMATIC .223 MILITARY ASSAULT RIFLES, high capacity magazines and millions of rounds of ammunition for their agent’s protection to go along with the armored vehicles, body armor and battering rams they have. Yet the progressive-socialists want to keep you from owning the semi-automatic “civilian version” to protect you and your family. When only the police and the government have this kind of fire power and the people don’t it’s called a police state. They never address the criminal element. They always go after the people who abide by the law and think the criminals will follow suit. They should take their heads out of the sand and do something about the gang and drug problem they have in Vermont. I’ve seen the Latin King gang symbols on the wall of the Mole’s Eye Café bathroom in Brattleboro marking their drug territory. I have some suggestions for them if they truly wanted to prevent gun violence. 1. A five year mandatory sentence to run consecutively to the sentence of the crime committed if a firearm is used. 2. A ten year mandatory sentence to run consecutively for an unjustifiable homicide or murder to the sentence of the crime if a firearm is used. 3. Make criminal by fine or jail time the unlawful storage of a firearm in which a child, criminal or mentally unstable person obtains possession thru the owners fault. 4. Research the mental health aspect. The correlation between gun violence and antidepressants is astounding. However, the progressive-socialists tell us that this is the will of the people. This is what the people want. Let’s pretend that these legislators were really concerned and went on a fact finding mission to a couple of gun stores or a gun show and asked the people there how they felt about the issues. Here’s what they would learn ! Gun stores and shows are packed they can’t keep products on the shelves. Since Newtown over 1.8 million people went thru the federal background to buy firearms. That equates to over 1.8 million guns being sold. One quarter million people joined the NRA and 10,000 new members a week are joining. The states that require a permit to carry are overwhelmed with applications. Ammunition and high capacity magazines are almost non existent. Either out of stock or back ordered for months. People are hoarding ammunition. The question is why? It’s because we don’t trust you and we don’t believe you. We’ve seen this movie before. We read the book. I read the bill. You are liars! IT IS A GUN BILL! Line 9 of HB124 Subject: Crimes; weapons; firearms. It is this dishonesty and the constant pushing of this progressive-socialist agenda that is causing these reactions. We know that if they could they would make the ownership of any firearm illegal. Because they can not forward their agenda to it’s fullest with an armed citizenry. Now the people who have owned these items for years will be turned into criminals with the stroke of a pen. So now if your legislation is enacted after 62 years I will be retroactively become a criminal because I will not obey, I will not comply with any law which I believe to be unconstitutional. I will remain true to my oath. For the record I am a proud card carrying NRA and Tea Party member and I will be forwarding this letter to all my friends and relatives urging them NOT TO VOTE for anyone who will erode the constitution and the bill of rights. I will end with a quote from Thomas Jefferson, “When the people fear the government there is Tyranny. When the government fears the people there is Liberty. God Save The Republic!

James F Lanese Newfane VT