WPTZ wrong on “Iron Pipeline” Story (Where’s the guns?)

Last night WPTZ ran the story below on Vermont flooding Mass. with guns. Wrong.
WPTZ can be contacted at: 802.655.5455 or its Anchor at: sgorin@hearst.com


The gun control element are constantly saying that Vermont is flooding Mass. with guns.
Saying something loud, long and repeatedly does not make it true.

What is really disgraceful is that by parroting the completely wrong gun control message WPTZ
has joined in defaming the character of our state. Vermont is a trademark for good people in our
state, which dependent on tourism and our good name to sell Vermont products.

Who says Vermont is not flooding Mass. with guns? The federal BATF.

The BATF publishes reports of guns traced back from each state to is source state. It is easy
to find and if WPTZ really wanted to know if Vermont is a problem state, it only had to ask a
gun rights representative or review the easily located BATF data. Why did WPTZ not bother?
Click on the link below to see BATF numbers. Mass. is the largest source state of its guns traced back.

The 2011 ATF figures show of the 1020 guns in Mass. traced back. 351 originated in Mass. NONE from Vermont. (Page 6, Mass. ATF Report below)


The 2012 ATF figures show of the 999 guns in Mass. traced back: 453 originated in Mass. 12 came from Vermont. Page 7, Mass. ATF Report below)